Pilates and Toning Exercises

We’ve been teaching exercise and movement since the beginning of high impact aerobics in the 1980’s at the World Trade Center in NYC. We’ve seen many fads come and go as well as many exercise regimes that create injury, uneven body balance and body bulking.

Over the years we have distilled our exercise movement and service offerings to what we believe is the finest in body conditioning. Balancing all of the aspects of movement: strength, balance, flexibility – the micro-movement as well as the macro-movement.

We offer only individual and semi-private sessions to develop good body mechanics including the core musculature, graceful movement without effort or forcing as well as a healthy physique that moves daily. We also honor the BODY-MIND-SPIRIT, which is challenging as well as interesting in the way that it manifests in movement.

To begin to pay attention to our bodies, sensations and instincts is one of the most interesting, curious and powerful journeys one can embark upon. Pilates and other toning exercises like yoga develop full range of movement, body balance and grace and are complete in themselves as an exercise regimine. They also serve as an excellent base for any other form of exercise, helping to improve posture, core strength, reduce injuries and retain youthful appearances and vitality. Also, as we move into the latter part of our lives, gentler exercise is necessary to continue to move throughout our entire lifetime and age gracefully.

Please call our offices at (310) 663-9822 for prices and to set up a private pilates session with our qualified practitioners.

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