Acupuncture Treatments for Colds and Flu

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides weekly flu updates:

“During the Week of Oct 31-Nov 6’04 Influenza activity was low in the US.”

Great news! But how do we continue to stay healthy without flu shots?

CDC recommends good health habits to avoid the flu and colds such as:

  •  Washing your hands often
  •  Covering your nose & mouth with tissue and
  •  In general, avoiding contact with your nose, mouth and other people who are sick.

Over 3000 years of observation and current practice shows that oriental medicines like acupuncture can be helpful in treating colds and flu.

Colds & Flu affect us when we are weakened. Complications and deaths from the flu occur primarily with children under 5 & adults over 65 who have weaker immune systems. To avoid colds and flu
Oriental Medicine tells us that in addition to the basic prevention habits above we must strengthen our body & immune system to help resist and fight colds and flu. So when we get signs of sore throat, chills or fever one way to strengthen the immune system is to head right to the acupuncture office. Acupuncture treatment for colds and flu helps strengthen the body to fight these pathogens.

Do Colds & Flu protect against cancer?

A recent study from NIH reports data supporting observations that having a fever may protect against the later onset of malignant diseases. So getting that cold or flu may not be so bad after all, at least in the long run. Only time will tell.

Wishing you health & vitality.

Debra Clydesdale

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