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Home Facial Skin Care Product Program is Alternative to Botox and Face Lift Surgery

You are only 30 days from looking 10 years younger…

Renew While you Sleep and 30 day Home Facial Skin Care Program

We’ve discovered a home skin care treatment that patients say…

My face feels better than when I was 30 years old. My face feels so good I just feel like touching my face, I can’t help myself I just want to keep touching it.”

“Before I put on moisturizer, my face already feels smoother and moist. Before I started this program I put moisturizer on, but my skin still felt dry. Now my skin feels moisturized all the time. When I feel my face it feels so…soft and it holds the moisture …and I’m using less and less products over time. The lines between my eyebrows aren’t there anymore – they disappeared. I thought I would have to live in the tropics to have hydrated skin like this.”

If this sounds good read on…….

We’ve combined gentle facial skin cupping treatments with a home skin care product regimen that gives you skin as “soft and smooth as a baby’s behind.” We hear it all the time.

So what’s it all about…….

We started with a facial cupping treatment that tones, softens & increases skin elasticity, drains excess fluids, lymph and toxins (puffiness and bags under the eyes), loosens adhesions and gently lifts connective tissue, helps lift droopy eyelids and sagging jowls, lessens fine lines and wrinkles, brings new fresh blood flow to skin and muscles, relaxes the nerves and the whole body and enhances results of any other treatments. To learn more click here... Sounds great doesn’t it!

We’ve combined the facial massage with simple, easy to do home facial care to maximize results using the wonderful skin care products you'll learn about below. We get the best results when you follow the complete program as each element compliments the other, so we'll talk about that first, then get to the individual product details later. This facial care program works really well and can be done in just a few minutes each day.

The program is most effective if you start at night before you go to bed and do it nightly for 30 days. Why 30 days? In a mature person the epidermis (outer layer of skin) replaces itself about every 30-45 days. Changes to the uppermost layer signals the deepest layer of skin to produce cells at a different rate depending on how thick or thin the layer is. The gentle exfoliation of the final mask step moves this to 30 days and that’s when we get miraculous results. You’ll notice a big difference after one night, and 7 days in a row is great – but 30 is amazing! Try it yourself. I did.

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This detailed skin care regimen outlines the DAILY steps for using our skin care product line if you have Slightly Dry to Dry Mature Skin. For other skin types please contact us or call our offices for the exact steps and products that will work best for your skin care program.

Slightly Dry to Dry Mature Skin Care Program

Step 1 - Cleanse with Creamy Cleansing Cream:
This very gentle skin care cream helps remove surface oil, daily grime accumulation and make-up. My patients are constantly amazed that even though they have just washed their faces, the cleansing cream removes even more greyish dirt and air pollution from their face. Apply a liberal amount of Creamy Cleansing Cream with a clean spatula or Q-tip to your face and gently massage with small circular strokes moving in an upward direction on the face. Repeat 2-3 times over the whole face then wipe off with a facial cotton pad. This cream’s removal results will astound you. Never put your fingers directly in the products as this introduces dirt and bacteria that causes discoloration since there are minimal preservatives in these products. A big no-no.

Step 2 - Cleanse with Gentle Foaming Cleanser:
For an ultimate skin care treatment, follow the Creamy Cleansing Cream by splashing some warm water on the face and then squeeze a pearl-sized drop of Gentle Foaming Cleanser on your index finger. Rub your fingers together till the product foams, then apply to the face, gently massaging in small circular strokes moving in an upward direction on the face. Repeat 2-3 times over the whole face. Then rinse off with water. This foaming cleanser cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same time due to its natural ingredients.

Step 3 - MiniExfoliate with Warming Facial Scrub
Gently splash some warm water on the face and squeeze a pearl sized drop of the Warming Facial Scrub on your index finger. Rub your fingers together till the Warming Facial Scrub dissolves, then apply to the face, massaging until the small granules of Jojoba beads dissipate. The Warming Facial Scrub is helps cleanse the skin down to the deeper third level and brings wonderfully healing circulation and blood flow to the surface of the skin. Some people notice a warming or tingling sensation on their faces and that’s how it got its name. You can rinse the face with water or for a next level exfoliation, let the Warming Facial Scrub dry as you gently massage in small circles. You will actually see the dead skin begin to come off the face. Try it. It feels great and the skin looks and feels very moist and soft afterwards.

Step 4 - Balancing Toner – Astringent – Balance Splash:
Dampen a cotton pad with water and apply a small amount of one of these skin care products. Astringent generally works best for people who have problematic or sensitive skin, the balancing splash with normal skin and toner with mature skin. Each person’s skin is so individual and unique that this may vary. These products re-define the Ph of the skin to 5.2, close the pores and prepare the skin for moisturizing.

Step 5 - O-L Deeply Moisturizing Lotion:
This light skin cream is very moisturizing and has a wonderful melon scent. It penetrates down to the third layer of the skin, helping the moisture balance. It is a wonderful skin care cream for any of the skin types. K- Deeply Moisturizing Lotion can be substituted for younger, moister skin if needed.

Step 6 - Exceptional Cream:
Apply a pea-sized amount of exceptional cream with a clean spatula or Q-tip (keep those fingers out of the product!) to your face. A little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. We have found with our patients that over time less product is needed, because the skin retains moisture throughout the day. You can use these on the delicate eye area as well. The exceptional cream helps to eliminate the fine lines, soften the deeper wrinkles and lighten and brighten the skin. Melanin, the coloring agent of the skin, becomes “clumped” as we get older and age spots are the result. The exceptional cream helps lighten these age spots. In Chinese medicine, these spots have to do with the “liver function” and nutritional herbs are a way to help them fade from the inside out.

Step 7 - Supreme Emulsion:
Apply a pea-sized amount of supreme emulsion skin care cream with a clean spatula or Q-tip (still keep those fingers out of the product!) to your face. Again, a little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it. This skin care cream is rich in antioxidants and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that help to exfoliate the dead dried out outer layer of the epidermis. This product is specially formulated to have a strong AHA without the stinging and burning sensation that often accompany other similar skin care products on the market. If you know you have sensitive skin, do a patch test, as everyone’s skin is different. The supreme emulsion also helps to lessen fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 8 - Replenish:
This silky skin replenish gel is unique and one of the most popular and premier products that we use. Apply a pea-sized amount of Skin Replenish Gel with a clean spatula or Q-tip (no fingers in the product!) to your face. This skin care product was designed for the eye area, but can be used over the whole face and gives an incredibly silky smooth feel to the skin. There is nothing else like it! It also helps to reduce, and even prevent, the appearance of scars. When I added this under the whole face to the home care ritual, my patients’ skin went to the next level in retaining moisture. I started using it myself this way when that happened. Try it!

Step 9 - Night Emulsion:
This rich facial skin care cream helps repair the skin and deeply moisturize while we are sleeping. It can be used as a day skin cream for skin that has lost a lot of moisture. It allows the skin to breathe, but also locks in the moisture to all the layers of skin. It can seem a bit oily at first, but use just a small amount (most of the time too much product is the problem) as it will penetrate into the skin and help the skin retain its moisture. So apply just a pea-sized amount of night emulsion cream with a clean spatula or Q-tip to your face. It is rich in vitamin E (from a natural plant source) and has been called “repair cream”. It’s great for diaper rash, sores from chaffing or rubbing or other skin injuries. Remember, all of these are super-concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Step 10 - Revitalizing Masque:
This is the most important part of the skin care treatment system. After applying all of the previous creams, spread a thicker layer of the masque over your face. It will take a couple of tries to get the right consistency because you need enough to be able to do the “fresh peel off” and too much will take forever to dry and use up your product. But keep trying it’s worth it!

Allow the revitalizing masque to dry for about 20 minutes (the right thickness will take this time) then go to bed (leave on overnight for top results). The entire process can be done to include the neck as well. The masque lifts the older dead tissue off the top layer of skin. This layer rises to the surface every 14 – 45 days depending on our age and how well we take care of our skin. To peel the masque off, I like to start at the chin by moving the mouth slowly then lifting off the part that begins to peel off on its own. Peel the masque upwards to support the lifting of the facial skin. The dead skin is lifted off and it reminds some patients of the fun they had peeling sunburn as a kid.

This is not a harsh burning peel like many other skin care products.
The skin feels incredibly soft after this process. All of my patients are amazed. If you didn't get the right thickness to peel it off easily, just wash it off. If your spouse objects to the all night masque(erade!), peel it off before going to bed, however the time to achieve top results will be slower. With the overnight skin care treatment most people can see a difference after 1 treatment, while toning and tightening really begin after about 6 days.

So let's get you started on the way to looking younger with less wrinkles, fine lines and a healthy skin tone!

Book your RenewEssence Face Lift Treatment with complimentary facial diagnosis today at our Los Angeles spa centers in West Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach CA by calling our office to schedule your skin care rejuvenation at (310) 663-9822 or emailing us at debra@orientalmedspa.com

Or just get started with our wonderful Renew While you Sleep home skin care products. It's a great benefit to enhance any treatment or procedure you may be experieincing or contemplating. Our facial skin care product lines are also available for all skin types on our webstore.

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