Facelift Massage Skin Care Treatment

Each and every one of our non surgical facelift treatments begin with a thorough Facial Diagnosis to determine the best form of treatment to meet your skin care needs.

This age-old practice is the Foundation of all the OrientalMed Spa facial renewal, facelifting and anti-aging services.

All of our incredibly relaxing and renewing facelifting and facial renewal treatments have the root based in facial massage, sometimes referred to as facelift massage and/or facelifting massage. This is because when we treat one half of the face it is often "lifted" when compared to the other side. Many times the results of these face lifting treatments are remarkable and quite noticible for our clients. They want us to quickly get to the other side!

Our Premier and Feature Skin Care Treatment is...

RenewEssence Facelift Massage Skin Care Treatment

Specially developed over years of research for ultimate skin care and rejuvenation, this facial skin care treatment is devoted to a nourishing face massage with the finest oils & crèmes. The Facelift Massage is built into each of our facial cleansing steps to address the different layers and needs of the skin. Beware of facelift massage treatments or products that do not thoroughly cleanse your skin during the treatment. Other face lifting treatments that leave this important step out just drive the impurities into the skin and do not leave your skin feeling incredibly fresh, clean, supple and soft.

This facial treatment also features our Facelifting through Facial Cupping treatment. We were the first to bring this wonderfully relaxing and renewing treatment to California after studying with a wonderful master on the East coast. We have developed this facial treatment by combining skin care and nutrition to a level that I can say that I guarantee that your face will feel softer and smoother after one treatment.

Most of my clients say "my face feels as soft as a baby's behind!" Erase wrinkles & fine lines as the tension melts from your face & body, leaving you with a younger, more toned appearance and softer, smoother skin. A series of facelift massage treatments and home skin care is recommended to maintain and enhance the results of this facial treatment. Call us today to get started!


Oriental Medicine Facial Diagnosis ............................................... Complementary w/ treatments ($150 value)
RenewEssence Facelift Massage w/Kandesn® Skin Products ...... Single treatment    $99
Belavi Facelift Massage .................................................................. Single treatment    $120

Purchase a series of 10 non-surgical facelift skin care treatments – Receive a complementary skin care treatment

Other facial and skin care treatments are also available. Please set up a Facial Diagnosis appointment to learn what options are best for your skin tone and desired results.

Learn how to enhance and retain these skin care results at home with our easy to use home facial skin care product program. Click here for more information on "at home" skin care products and treatment steps.


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