Facial Renewal - Acupuncture Facelifts

At Oriental Med Spa we help time crunched women maintain a timeless skin/complexion with our acupuncture face lifts.

We offer a holistic approach to facial skin care renewal. Come to our Los Angeles office for our Facial Diagnosis that allows us to balance the underlying causes of ungraceful aging for each individual. It is importatnt to addressing these internal health imbalances, prior to performing our specialized anti-aging treatments like our acupuncture face lift as healing any internal problems promotes increased moisture retention, increased collagen production and better circulation to the skin, especially the facial area. Patients look and feel younger as a result of healthier functioning of their “whole body” – enhancing both inner & outer beauty.

The side effects of our acupuncture face lift and other anti aging treatments are minimal compared to other similar treatments. Your face will never look “peeled” or burned as opposed to more invasive procedures such as laser/chemical peels.

Sometimes you may choose to pursue a more invasive treatment for a particular result. If you do choose to have cosmetic surgery or face lift surgery, our acupuncture face lift and other anti aging face lifting treatments are a wonderful way to prepare for and maintain the benefits of your procedure for a long term fantastic result. With the anti aging treatments listed below you may see:

  •  Softer, smoother skin
  •  Improvement in skin elasticity as the facial muscles work more in balance
  •  Feeling of lightness and freedom
  •  Reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots
  •  Lifting of the facial skin, including less droopiness and sagging

All our facial skin care treatments are in cozy private “sanctuary rooms” with relaxing music and therapeutic heat treatments added if you so desire. Imagine yourself being nurtured and cradled as you let the stress and tension melt away on your way to looking younger.

Our Acupuncture Facelifting treatments include:

OrientalMedSpa Facial Diagnosis
The Foundation of all Oriental Med Spa anti aging services. The face is the mirror of our soul & our health. All anti aging treatments are recommended by their therapeutic affect on the body based on Oriental Medicine diagnosis & health principles.

RenewEssence Facelift Massage w/Kandesn®
Our premier acupressure facelift massage treatment, devoted to a nourishing face massage with the finest oils & crèmes. Erase wrinkles & fine lines as the tension melts from your face & body.

Acupuncture Facelift Facial Rejuvenation
Oriental Medicine facial acupuncture can lift sagging skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Special conditions such as rosacea, dark spots, under eye circles, etc. can be addressed with these treatments.

LED Light Therapy
Esperience the healing power of light. Light therapy is safe, non-invasive and assists in collagen production, healing and improving the energy of the skin leading to luxurious, safe & effective treatments for sagging, aging skin giving your face a healthy radiant glow.

Call us for current Acupuncture Facelift Facial Rejuvenation prices and specials:

Purchase a series of 10 acupuncture facelift treatments – Receive a complementary anti aging treatment

Other facial and skin care treatments are also available. Please set up a Facial Diagnosis appointment to learn what options are best for your skin tone and desired results.


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